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Useful Information

General Information

Prior to your travel, make sure that you check if you are required to obtain a visa to enter the countries which you intend to visit.

Furthermore, inform yourself of the currency used in your destination country and whether it is possible to make credit card payments; also, ensure a minimum amount of money necessary to cover the costs of your stay.

Additionally, you are advised to photocopy your passport. A photocopy of your passport or another document with a photograph will facilitate and accelerate the issuance of a laissez passer in the event of loss of your passport.

Foreign citizens coming to Montenegro and not using accommodation services of a hotel, motel or other tourist facility must report to the competent body of internal affairs the day after their arrival in Montenegro or within 24 hours from the change of temporary residence or address. If foreign citizens use the accommodation services of a hotel, motel or similar facility, they needn't report by themselves.

Medical Protection

Due to the possible occurrence of avian influenza, SARS, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, malaria, viral meningitis and other contagious diseases, prior to your travel inform yourself about the issue on the website of the World Health Organization (www.who.inf).

Information about medical care in Montenegro may be obtained from the website of the Institute of Public Health (

Observance of Local Regulations and Customs

We recommend that you observe the local customs and act in compliance with the laws of your destination country. Acquaintance with the local laws and customs will spare you many a disagreeable situation. When arriving in a foreign country, observe its foreigner-related legislation and report to the competent body. If you intend to remain in a foreign country for a longer period of time, it is recommended that you contact the diplomatic post of the foreign country to inform yourself about the documents required and the procedure regulating your stay.

Finally, some countries envisage long sentences of imprisonment or capital punishment for possession of narcotics and other illegal substances.

Other Useful Information

Terrorism has become a global phenomenon which must be taken into account while planning a foreign travel. Terrorist attacks have occurred in spaces where a large number of people gather together and they have inflicted heavy civilian casualties.