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General consular functions

Consulates and consular departments of embassies are “state in small”.

General consular functions are:

  1. Protection, in foreign state, of interests of Montenegro and its nationals, legal entity and physical persons, according to the International Law;
  2. Registering of newborns and marriages, but there is no possibility that a couple can get married (celebration of marriage) in any of our diplomatic or consular representative offices;
  3. Exercising the function of public notary for purposes of verifying the signatures, transcripts, photocopies and authorizations. Providing necessary documents for Montenegrin nationals (certificate of birth, nationality and else);
  4. Passport issuing for Montenegrin nationals. Visa issuing.
  5. Serving legal documents (summons and other), making testaments and protecting interests of Montenegrin nationals regarding heritage matters in receiving state.
  6. Providing help and protection in the case of arrest, servitude, or in a case of accident of Montenegro nationals;
  7. Development of economic relations on local and regional levels, public informing, cultural promotion of the country, help in organizing diaspora and its clubs and associations.

These are just some of the general functions, but consulates also have other tasks within their jurisdiction.