With the ever-closer inter-connectedness of states and societies, economic diplomacy, with its goal of mobilizing all resources in providing support to exports and foreign investors, is increasingly becoming a raison d’etre of the traditional diplomacy. Recognizing the need and the importance of coordinated activities in the field of internationalization and promotion of economic interests as well as attracting foreign investment, the Government of Montenegro adopted in 2013 the decision to establish an integrated model of economic diplomacy, in line with the best international practices.

The central institution of the integrated economic diplomacy model is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, namely the Directorate General for Economic and Cultural Diplomacy as the “entry point and support center” for all other institutions and organizations that have a mandate to engage in foreign economic cooperation and promotion activities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, within this model, coordinates economic diplomacy, i.e. coordinates activities aimed at providing support and promoting exports and foreign direct investments, as well as informing all stakeholders.

The promotion of exports inter alia encompasses support to domestic companies in obtaining information on foreign markets and potential partners, establishing contacts with potential partners abroad, assistance in organizing meetings with buyers and supplies as well as participation in business delegations, fairs and forums. Following the identification of investment potentials in cooperation with the relevant institutions in the country, mobilizing foreign direct investments also entails effective promotion of business and investment opportunities in Montenegro, which is one of key activities of economic diplomacy.

This page contains information on key economic data and indicators for Montenegro (link on the left side – Economic ID) as well as a detailed overview of the business and investment environment and opportunities in the country (document Montenegro Investment and Business Opportunities – MIBO
). The documents are prepared and updated on semi-annual bases by the Directorate General for Economic and Cultural Diplomacy.