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NATO summits

NATO Summit in Chicago 2012.

NATO Summit was held on May 20-21 2012. in Chicago. 
Crisis in Libya demonstrated benefits of cooperation with the partners from the region, as well as merits of consultations between Alliance and regional organisations. Successful operation in Libya showed that Alliance can quickly and efficiently carry out complex operations with the support of wider international community. 
Strategy for finalisation of the process of handover of safety responsibility to Afghanistan forces by the end of 2014 and new post 2014 mission for training, counselling and assistance to Afghanistan forces adopted. 
In Declaration adopted at the summit, paragraph dedicated to Montenegro is as follows: ‘’ We welcome significant progress that Montenegro realised on the way towards NATO and its contribution to the region of Western Balkans and wider, including through own active role in regional initiatives participation in ISAF. Also we welcome rise of public support for NATO membership, and we shall carry on supporting that process. Active engagement of Montenegro in MAP process indicates strong commitment to NATO membership. Montenegro successfully implemented significant political, economy and defence reforms and we encourage that way in order for Montenegro to be closer to Alliance. We will actively monitor Montenegro’s progress towards membership. 

NATO Summit in Lisbon 2010.

NATO Summit was held on 19 – 20 November in Lisbon:
The new Strategic concept was adopted, providing fundamental guidelines for functioning and further ten – year NATO development, particularly in the light of new safety challenges. The document confirms policy of open doors.
In the final Declaration of the Summit significant progress of Montenegro was recognised as well as its contribution to stability in the region and wider, through participation in ISAF mission. It was emphasised that commitment of Montenegro to ANP implementation indicates strong commitment to the future NATO membership, as well as that member states will continue to support Montenegro reform process within MAP.
Commitment to NATO stability and safety in Western Balkans was underlined in Declaration and reform efforts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia were encouraged.
At the meeting of the heads of state/government of 48 states ISAF contributors, in which Montenegro delegation also participated, it was agreed that all efforts should be made to enable handover of international to Afghanistan leadership until the end of 2014. NATO member states signed agreement on long-term partnership between NATO and Afghanistan. 

At the margin of the Summit, meeting of the Council NATO-Russia was held being assessed as historical having regard to the significant step that was made towards strengthening partnership between Russia and NATO, particularly regarding defining common safety threats, anti-missile defence system cooperation and strengthening stability in Afghanistan. 

NATO Summit in Strasbourg and Kehl 2009.

NATO Summit, dedicated to sixty-year anniversary of Alliance was held in Strasbourg and Kehl (two border towns in France and Germany) in April 4, 2009.
Albania and Croatia became NATO members.
Decision that Anders Fogh Rasmussen replaces Jap de Hop Shefer at the position of Secretary General was made. 
NATO member states supported aspirations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro towards Euro-Atlantic integration as well as progress realised in the process of intensified dialog. 
Summit message conveyed that NATO supports successful and active implementation of IPAP between Montenegro and NATO as well as encouraging reforms Montenegro made in many areas that are crucial for Euro-Atlantic integration as well as its contribution to cooperation and safety in the region. 
Also it was stated that the Council in permanent sitting ordinarily controled progress of Montenegro and that they would answer soon to the request of Montenegro for its participation in MAP on the basis of realised merits. 
Initiation of preparation of new Strategic Concept of Alliance announced at the Summit.

NATO Summit in Bucharest 2008.

Summit was held on April 2-4 2008 in Bucharest. Croatia and Albania were invited to membership whereas Macedonia was omitted due to bilateral problem with Greece about the state’s name. Invitation to join MAP was also left out for Georgia and Ukraine although it was told that their contribution to Alliance is considered to be very significant and that in December NAC would make decision about that issue. At the same time Malta acceded to PfP. 
It was also stated at the Summit that NATO remained committed to strategically important region of Western Balkans in which Euro Atlantic integration process was based on democratic standards and regional cooperation necessary for long-term peace and stability. 
Decisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to develop individual partnership action plan with NATO in order to enhance Euro Atlantic aspiration of these states were welcomed. With the aim of supporting and leading these reform processes, NATO sent the invitation to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina to initiate intensified dialog including wide spectrum of issues – policy, military, finance and safety that were connected to thier aspirations for membership without prejudgement of any decision of Alliance.
Regarding Serbia, NATO readiness to deepen cooperation with Serbia was underlined, particularly through IPAP development. Possibility for intensified dialog upon Serbia request was also discussed. 

NATO Summit in Riga 2006.

NATO Summit in Riga was held on November 28-29. Montenegro was invited to join NATO Programme for Partnership for Peace. The same one was sent to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina what confirmed intention for further stabilisation of the region.
Overall political guidelines, framework for further transformation of the Alliance were adopted at the Summit. Also, intention for improvement of further strategic partnership with EU was confirmed.