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Directorate General for NATO and Security Policy

At the end of December of 2011 the Government of Montenegro adopted the Rulebook on internal organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration which defined the role of Directorate General for NATO and Security Policy. Principal object of the Directorate General is improvement of relations with NATO and its member countries that are in the process of integration.

It is particularly important to emphasize the importance of the Directorate for maintaining and developing political dialogue between Montenegro and NATO, activities of Montenegro within the PfP, as well as analysis of the political, military, economic and other NATO activities. Other activities of the Directorate include initiation of proposals and programs of interest for Montenegro and monitoring their implementation.
In addition, Directorate performs tasks related to cooperation with other departments and institutions, especially with the Ministry of Defense, as well as tasks of coordination of the Government’s Commission for Inter-agency activities within PfP.

Preparation and participation in the discussions, conferences and roundtables in the field of cooperation with NATO, preparing materials and informing the Government on activities of Montenegro in NATO/PfP, co-ordination and co-operation with the Mission of Montenegro to NATO and other activities are also within the scope of this Directorate General.