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Interview of Mr. Miodrag Vlahovic, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro to FoNet News Agency

Published date: 29.03.2005 14:33 | Author: Intervjui

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Podgorica, March 27 Affirmative assessment of the Feasibility Study for Serbia and Montenegro, which is expected in April, would be a positive thing for Montenegro, Miodrag Vlahovic, Montenegrin Foreign Minister stated in an interview to FoNet, and emphasized that Podgorica does not want to shape its policy and project its future in a way that would imply that Montenegro would be glad if Serbia is doing badly and deteriorating.

He underlined that it would be good if Serbia made positive steps towards European integration and open its balances from recent past, as well as to free itself from burdens that are, unfortunately, still present in Serbias political society.

To be independent and stay together with Serbia is practically the shortest definition or the best translation of our political projection forming of a Union of two independent states, Vlahovic said.

The referendum is not a Judgment day after which the Sun will not rise again in Montenegro, Vlahovic added and explained that the essence of Montenegrin proposal on Union of two independent states is to create political and cultural environment that will make the process an regular thing that does not bear any dramatic changes

We want to avoid the situation of having absolute losers or absolute winners in the referendum, Vlahovic underlined and added that relevant political subjects in Serbia should realize that togetherness of Serbia and Montenegro does not presume common state, but good relations between the two states.

To be independent and to be together with Serbia is possible, Vlahovic concluded and announced that Podgorica will soon promote the project of building modern highway Bar-Belgrade which will connect these areas with Central Europe, and with Europe in whole.

Let me ask a rhetorical question. What kind of separatists would want to build a six-track highway with those they want to separate form? Can we talk about separatism at all in such a case? Therefore, we can be together and we can be equal as two independent states, Vlahovic said.

He added that direct elections for the Assembly of Serbia and Montenegro are writen off before the referendum and that the mentioned elections were not problematic for Montenegro and because of Montenegro, but because any elections today in Serbia, with current constellation of political forces there, would benefit those who are anti-democrats, anti-European and who are dragging Serbia backwards.

Asked about the possibility that Brussels accelerate the process of accession and offer Serbia and Montenegro, already in the end of this year, signing of Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU, and in such way put Montenegro in delicate position before the announced referendum, Vlahovic answered that such hypothetical situation does not have negative repercussion on the possibility of referendum in Montenegro.

Montenegro will have a referendum in any case, because we want to participate in European and Euro-Atlantic structures as an independent, sovereign and internationally recognized state, and we do not want to be a part of Europe as someones exit to the sea, province or district, Vlahovic explained.