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Published date: 19.01.2005 16:31 | Author: Intervjui

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Strategic goal of the Republic of Montenegro is to join European and Euroatlantic integration. For this purpose, Montenegro is interested in taking part in all regional and global efforts aimed at streghtening security.

Montenegro wishes to participate in all joint initiatives of the countries intended for acomplishing overal security and stability.

Montenegro considers Proliferation Security Initiative, launched by the USA in September 2003, so far supported by a large number of states, to be of utmost importance for our common goal of strenghtening security.

This Initiative stems for Security Council Resolution 1540 which calls for all countires to start cooperating in prevention of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The Initiative is based on partnership of the countries, which creates basis for cooperation in this area through joint exercize in interdiction of shipments of WMA, harmonization of legislation and other activities, with the aim of having stronger, more coordinated and efficient approach to eradication of this global menace.

On behalf of the Government of Montenegro, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to express its full support to this Initiative i.e. its implementation, as wall as its strong commitment to undertake all necessary measures to prevent the proliferation of WMA on and across its teriritory, in accordance with its consititutional, legal and political capacities.

Montenegro attaches great importance to all forms of communication and cooperation, as well as formalization of its relations with the USA, which is confirmed by our support to this Initiative. We are convinced that our participation in such initiatives will contribute to greater security and better control of our land and sea borders and help us fight terrorism and organized crime.