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Darmanović - Çavuşoğlu: Relations between Montenegro and Turkey record constant progress in all areas

Darmanović - Çavuşoğlu: Relations between Montenegro and Turkey record constant progress in all areas
Published date: 11.02.2020 15:09 | Author: PR Service

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Continuous progress in all areas, alliance and an intense political dialogue characterize relations between Montenegro and the Republic of Turkey, it was noted at the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro and Turkey, Srdjan Darmanović and Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who is paying an official visit to Montenegro.

Minister Çavuşoğlu's visit to Montenegro is a strong incentive to the improvement of cooperation between the two countries, which marked the important anniversary last year - 140 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the head of Montenegrin diplomacy stated. "Recent opening of the Consulate General of Montenegro in Istanbul and Turkey's decision to open a Consulate, headed by the Honorary Consul in Bijelo Polje, show the importance of ties between Montenegro and Turkey," Minister Darmanović stressed. He particularly welcomed the comprehensive inter-ministerial cooperation that our two countries established in many areas, pointing to the room for its further intensification.

Discussing friendly and partnership relations between Montenegro and Turkey, Minister Çavuşoğlu noted these relations are further strengthened by cooperation within NATO, characterized by dynamic economic cooperation and increased trade and direct investment. In addition to more frequent visits at the highest level, he also welcomed the significance of intensive political consultations.

Many Turkish companies recognized Montenegro's economic potential and the economic momentum needs to be continued, bearing in mind the interest of the Turkish investors in investing to the airport management, hotel industry, maritime affairs, healthcare, textiles and wood industry, both sides noted. The two officials also discussed the issue of implementation of business forums in the coming months and both sides stated that there are numerous potentials for further intensification of cooperation in the fields of trade, energy, agriculture, environmental protection, entrepreneurship, education, sports, culture and defence. A good quality contractual base between the two countries will certainly contribute to this, which is a good basis for the implementation of projects of mutual interest.

During the official visit, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro and Turkey signed an Agreement on providing consular protection and an Agreement on performing paid activity of dependents of family members of diplomatic and consular representation.

The Cooperation within regional mechanisms and multilateral frameworks was welcomed.

The two officials exchanged views on current events on the domestic and foreign policy scene and relations with neighbors. They also stressed that, despite numerous challenges, it is important to preserve peace and stability to the regions, we belong.