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Ambassador of Republic of Serbia invited for talks at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Published date: 03.01.2020 11:29 | Author: MVP

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns last night's attempt to set fire to a Montenegrin flag in front of the building of the Embassy of Montenegro in the Republic of Serbia. The act of attacking the Embassy and the national symbols of a neighbouring and friendly country and a NATO member state, and in fact an undisturbed nationalist feast, is absolutely unacceptable. Although the attack on the Embassy was announced two days ago and lasted more than an hour, it is incomprehensible that the security agencies of the Republic of Serbia did almost nothing to prevent the pyrotechnic orgies and the attack on the national symbols of Montenegro.

It is the responsibility of the receiving country to ensure the smooth functioning and security of other countries' diplomatic and consular missions and to prevent such incidents that may adversely affect the bilateral relations between the two countries. We call on the Government of the Republic of Serbia to respond urgently, in line with its national legislation and international conventions, to this act of vandalism and we urge the competent authorities to take appropriate action as quickly as possible against the organisers and perpetrators, who violate the security of the premises of the Embassy of Montenegro.

Due to the aforementioned incident and the continuous assaults on the Montenegrin flag and the Embassy in Belgrade, Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Montenegro Vladimir Božović has been invited today for talks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.