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MFA reacts to Russian MID comment

Published date: 31.12.2019 17:03 | Author: PR SERVICE

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The comment of the Department of Information and Press of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (MID), regarding the Law on Freedom of Religion and Belief and Legal Status of Religious Communities once again, after a certain lull, unfortunately confirms the continuity of Russia's unacceptable, difficult understanding and flagrant interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign, secular, the European country, a NATO member and the EU candidate country.

All this happens only because Montenegro, as an independent and sovereign country, passed a legal act. Which abolished the ideological 50 years old law and replaced it with a law that is in line with all known international standards governing this area. The law is in full compliance with the opinion of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe and all religious communities and their representatives in Montenegro, except the Serbian Orthodox Church, are agreed with it.

Contrary to the Russian MID's allegations, the passed law regulates democratically all issues in this area in Montenegro, including the ownership of religious facilities, which does not endanger anyone's right to use them.

We hoped that lessons had be learned from the evens of the October 2016 and that relations between Montenegro and Russia were moving more cautiously and step by step, towards a normal path. The Russian MID comments, such as the one in question, seriously undermine this trend.