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FM Darmanović in Brussels: Montenegro strongly committed to NATO policies

FM Darmanović in Brussels: Montenegro strongly committed to NATO policies
Published date: 20.11.2019 19:11 | Author: PR Service

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović took part in a NATO Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels earlier today.

The ministers exchanged views on the most important issues for Euro-Atlantic security, as part of preparations for the NATO Summit, which will take place in London on 3-4 December. The working session discussed the projecting stability policy, the situation in the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea, as well as the fight against terrorism.

Minister Darmanović presented Montenegro's position on current issues of importance for NATO's functioning and the security of the North Atlantic area and beyond.

In that regard, he reaffirmed the country's full support to NATO's key deterrence and defence policies, as well as projecting stability through the participation of the Montenegrin soldiers in the Alliance's missions and operations.

The head of the Montenegrin diplomacy also referred to the importance of raising awareness of hybrid threats and the need to strengthen the capacity of allies and partners.

Minister Darmanović reiterated Montenegro's commitment to the policy of projecting stability of its southern partners and to counteracting the challenges coming from the south, pointing to the contribution Montenegro makes through its trust funds to building their defence capabilities, but also through its commitment to projecting the Alliance's stability beyond its own borders, and increasing the number of Montenegro's representatives in NATO missions.