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United Nations Day marked: "100 years of multilateralism"

United Nations Day marked: "100 years of multilateralism"
Published date: 01.11.2019 21:24 | Author: PR Service

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A century since the establishment of multilateralism and the position of Montenegro through time in interstate cooperation were in focus of this year's ceremony marking 24 October - the United Nations Day, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro and the United Nations System. The celebration, which took place at Villa Gorica, hosted by Srđan Darmanović, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro and Fiona McLuney, Resident Coordinator of the UN System in Montenegro, marked the 74th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Charter.

Minister Darmanović said that Montenegro had been trying to be a full member of the international community from the very beginning of the idea of ​​multilateralism.

"Today, a century later, Montenegro remains committed to the values ​​of multilateralism, open cooperation and strengthening partnerships with the United Nations. We believe that every country should participate in tackling global challenges with its own example and principled policy," said the head of Montenegrin diplomacy. Therefore, he stressed, Montenegro continues to contribute, according to its capacities, to international peace and security, to global efforts to meet the goals of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and to the respect for human rights and freedoms.

The officials recalled that multilateralism is based upon the founding of the United Nations precursor, the League of Nations, after World War I. The international organisation, also known as the Society of Nations, was established after the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 with a view to joining international efforts to disarm, prevent wars by strengthening collective security, and settling disputes and conflicts between countries through negotiating diplomacy.

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