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Third Conference of Honorary Consuls in Podgorica: Presented ongoing projects and development priorities of Montenegro

Third Conference of Honorary Consuls in Podgorica: Presented ongoing projects and development priorities of Montenegro
Published date: 07.05.2019 07:12 | Author: MVP

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Third conference of Honorary Consuls, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was held today in Podgorica.

President of Montenegrin Parliament Ivan Brajović and Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Dr. Srđan Darmanović officially opened the Conference, and, in addition, Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović, Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović and Minister of Health Dr. Kenan Hrapović gave speeches.

President of Parliament thanked honorary consuls for putting their time, reputation and resources tirelessly in the service of Montenegro, while underlining that it is “pleasant to be representative of one free country, whose millennium-long history, as well as present time oblige us and represents an honour to all of us.”

In his address, Minister Darmanović emphasized the important role of honorary consuls in positioning Montenegro on the world market as an attractive investment and tourist destination. He took the opportunity to express gratitude to honorary consuls on their dedicated work and contribution to expanding of diplomatic network of Montenegro. “I believe that it is our common goal to present and promote Montenegro as a modern European country, with vibrant economy and unique natural potentials”, stated Darmanović. He underlined that Montenegrin diplomacy significantly contributes to attraction of foreign direct investments and promotion of economic potentials, with an aim of its sustainable diversification and steady growth. He also expressed belief that the Conference will instigate strengthening of contacts, partnerships and business opportunities.

Minister of Culture Aleksandar Bogdanović stated that when we consider that the key problems of today’s world are induced by animosities created on the basis of very traumatic meeting of different cultures, it becomes clear that solutions of harmonic development of global processes have to be find in the area of culture. What leads to those solutions is a dialogue within diversity, which most significant support could find in today’s digital age, underlined minister Bogdanović. Thus, smaller cultures are provided with an opportunities to present its authentic values, with which it could more effectively impact elimination of stereotypes, which, foremost, emerge as a consequence of lack of information. History of our area is a history of constant intertwining of different cultures. That continuity impacted that contemporary Montenegro can in its historic experience recognize what contemporary world attempts to again place in the center of the agenda of future development. It is clear that within that particular place has to be dedicated to tolerance and dialogue, while culture, as history demonstrates, is an area on which it could be most efficiently implemented.

Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović particularly addressed the importance of economic citizenship program. “It will be available to maximum 2.000 most eminent applicants within the determined timeframe of three years. That represents an additional mechanism of protections, since the program is de facto introduced as “pilot” whose performances will be closely monitored during its implementation.” Minister Radulović stated that funds raised by this program will be directed to development projects that have to generate multiple benefits for the state – from economic activities in terms of investments, employment and better supply and competitiveness of overall economy. From all those aspects it is clear that all mechanisms of management of that process is in the hands of the Government, while eligibility criteria in the proposed model are defined so that every step is completely transparent, which eliminates every potential manipulation, concluded Minister Radulović.

Minister of Health Dr. Kenan Hrapović said that 223.000 overnight stays of domestic and international tourists, mostly from Norway, Netherlands, Sweden and Germany, were recorded in Montenegrin health resorts during the last year, according to the data of MONSTAT. Hrapović emphasized comparative advantages of health tourism in Montenegro, which, besides geographic position and climate, are natural resources that are essential for development of health tourism, such as healing mud, mineral water and sand in Ulcinj, which has biologically active mineral ingredients. Montenegro can also be proud with its qualified medical staff, quality of medical services and competitive prices, concluded Hrapović.

At the Third Conference, which gathered around 40 honorary consuls, Mayor of Podgorica Dr. Ivan Vuković also gave a speech, while in the focus was presentation of ongoing projects and development priorities of our country, with an aim of further development of economic and cultural cooperation with honorary consuls’ countries.