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Minister Darmanović in Warsaw: Good-neighborly relations and regional cooperation a certain path towards the European future

Minister Darmanović in Warsaw: Good-neighborly relations and regional cooperation a certain path towards the European future
Published date: 12.04.2019 18:30 | Author: MVP

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Montenegro is dedicated to preserving good-neighborly relations and regional cooperation, stated Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Dr. Srđan Darmanović at the meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs within the framework of the Berlin process that was held today in Warsaw. He reiterated that “we are continuously striving to generate trust and cooperation, thus we are strengthening the European perspective of the region.”

While addressing the meeting that discussed bilateral issues and contribution of the Berlin process to its resolvement, head of Montenegrin diplomacy praised recent signing of the Roaming Agreement in region, emphasizing that it is important to continue with the same pace when it comes to other issues of common interest. 

In that line, he particularly underlined the importance of Montenegrin initiative for establishing the South East European International Institute for Sustainable Technologies. “This Initiative would further promote cooperation in the domain of science and technology, while, at the same time, it would represent a platform for further education and connectivity of talented young people, which is our joint objective”, stressed Minister. He added that it is important - in the framework of the Berlin process - to continue with implementation of infrastructure projects that contributes to the further economic development, as well as to the overall stability and security of the region.

During the meeting, chaired by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Poland and Germany Jacek Čapotivič and Heiko Maas, participants praised the dynamics of implementation of tasks from previous summits, with a particular accent on Joint Declaration signed in July in London in terms of regional cooperation and good-neighborly relations, status of missing person and war crimes. It was also emphasized that Western Balkans are an important part of Europe and that the Berlin process’ agenda, which focuses on better connectivity and strengthening cooperation and understanding, contributing also to integration of the region to the EU.

The working dinner for heads of diplomacies, hosted by President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda, was organized before the Ministerial meeting in Warsaw. Key topic of the conversation was the youth policy and the role of young people in the development of more stable region.

Ministerial meeting of the Western Balkans Fund was also held on the margins of meeting in Warsaw. Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have adopted the Joint Declaration underlining the commitment of all Western Balkans’ countries to cooperation as the most viable way for achieving permanent stability, as well as better connectivity, development and progress.