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Minister Darmanović at the Conference of Young Parliamentarians of the EU and Western Balkans

Minister Darmanović at the Conference of Young Parliamentarians of the EU and Western Balkans
Published date: 15.04.2019 15:51 | Author: MVP

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Integration to the family of the most developed European democracies represents the only framework that guarantees stability, development and prosperity of the region and Europe, stressed Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Dr. Srđan Darmanović today in the Parliament of Montenegro, within the scope of Conference of Young Parliamentarians from the EU’s and Western Balkans’ countries.

On the panel dedicated to the perspectives of enlargement policy in the context of upcoming elections for the European Parliament, Minister Darmanović said that last year was very important for the process of European integration of all Western Balkans’ countries, foremost due to adoption of the new Enlargement Strategy, which envisaged 2025 as the year of possible enlargement on the basis of regatta principle and individual evaluation of candidate countries’ progress. In that line, he emphasized that continuity of enlargement policy is necessary for the stability, further economic development and competitiveness of Europe at the global level.

“We are satisfied that the programme of the current EU presidency trio put the Enlargement as one of their priorities, which confirms that the integration of the region will continue to be an important segment of European politics in following period”, underlined head of Montenegrin diplomacy. He added that the future of Western Balkans is in the European Union, while emphasizing that regional cooperation represents the most viable framework for achieving progress on that path.

Discussants on the panel were also Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Igor Crnadak and Deputy Minister for European and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania Artremis Dralo.