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Darmanovic - Trpkoski: Macedonia's NATO membership will contribute to a stronger and more secure region

Darmanovic - Trpkoski: Macedonia
Published date: 18.09.2018 16:08 | Author: MVP

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Minister of Foreign Affairs PhD Srđan Darmanović received today Mr. Mihajlo Trpkoski, in his inaugural visit as the newly-appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to Montenegro.

During the meeting it was estimated that Macedonia's NATO membership will contribute to an even stronger and more secure region.

Minister Darmanović congratulated to the ambassador his appointment and wished him a successful mandate with the assessment that relations between the two countries are excellent and friendly. He welcomed the achievement of a historic agreement between Macedonia and Greece with the conviction that a referendum scheduled for the end of this month would have a positive outcome. The head of Montenegrin diplomacy stressed that Montenegro sincerely supports Macedonia's efforts in Euro-Atlantic integration by providing expert and practical assistance along the way.

Ambassador Trpkoski thanked for the support Montenegro provides to Macedonia in the integration processes and assessed that relations between the two countries can serve as an example in the region. He expressed the expectation that the referendum, which represents a historic chance for the country's future, will have a positive outcome and speed up the path to EU and NATO membership.