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Valletta: Malta's experience in the EU integration process is significant for Montenegro

Valletta: Malta
Published date: 13.04.2018 09:57 | Author: MVP

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MVPMediterranean heritage, which we largely share, together with the mutual wish to further strengthening of bilateral cooperation, should shape our modern relations within the framework of an integrated Europe, Minister of Foreign Affairs PhD Srđan Darmanovic has noted today in Valetta.

During the official visit to the Republic of Malta, Minister Darmanovic met with Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion of the Republic of Malta Carmelo Abela.

European path of Montenegro was also a central topic of our talks, aside from the intensive bilateral relations. In this regard, Minister Darmanovic expressed appreciation for the continuous support of Malta from the very beginning of the reform and integration processes, but also an active role in the promotion of the European perspective of Western Balkans. „The support of friendly countries, together with the recent European Commission's message that the enlargement policy remains a priority and that the individual results of each country are the ones to be evaluated, is an important impetus for the countries of the region on their path to the full EU membership“ Darmanovic assessed, pointing out the importance of cooperation in the context of transferring Maltese experiences in various segments of the negotiation process.

MVP Minister Abela stressed that Malta will continue to provide full support to Montenegro, and that of a most importance is to keep the focus on the quality of the implementation of reforms, assessing that, on the line of the results achieved so far, Montenegro stands firmly at the leader position in the region.

It was concluded that there is a potential for more intensive cooperation between two countries in a number of areas, especially energy, tourism, agriculture, health and education.

Minister Darmanovic also met the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Malta, Angelo Faruggia.

During the meeting, it was noted that the overall good bilateral relations are contributed by the intensified parliamentary cooperation, and that there should be a stronger institutional linkage and transfer of experiences in the field of legislation, bearing in mind that the process of integrating the acquis in the national legislation is particularly challenging for small administrations.

MVP Faruggia expressed satisfaction that a friendship group with the Republic of Malta was formed recently in the Parliament of Montenegro, voicing that he believes in activities of this format to enhance further development of bilateral relations.

Minister Darmanovic in Valeta has also met with Minister of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic of Malta, Joe Mizzi. The interlocutors welcomed the successful implementation of the wind power project - the Mozura locality with „Enemalta“, assessing that this project is an incentive for the new investments and diversification of cooperation in other areas.

The meeting with President of the Committee for Foreign and European Affairs Edward Zammit Lewis addressed the importance of strengthening the parliamentary dimension of bilateral relations in a sense that it could help Montenegro in the final phase of the EU accession process, which requires a significant improvement in the functionality and efficiency of the state administration.