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Sarajevo: FM Darmanović takes part in meeting of WB6 foreign ministers, ministerial conference of Western Balkans Fund

Sarajevo: FM Darmanović takes part in meeting of WB6 foreign ministers, ministerial conference of Western Balkans Fund
Published date: 16.03.2018 17:12 | Author: MVP

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Minister of Foreign Affairs PhD Srđan Darmanović took part in the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Western Balkans Six (WB6) in Sarajevo earlier today.

The meeting discussed the results of the countries of the region in the process of European integration and the realisation of conclusions from the summit of leaders of the EU and Western Balkans in Trieste, in the context of the recently adopted European Commission’s strategy for the Western Balkans and defining priorities for the upcoming summit in London.

Speaking about Montenegro’s results on its European path, Minister Darmanović said that despite challenges it is facing today, Montenegro remains committed to the idea of EU membership, pursuing reform activities in order to complete the process of accession negotiations in a high-quality way and become the first next EU member.

"The recently published EU Enlargement Strategy for the Western Balkans gives additional incentives to the countries of our region to focus more on European integration, as a foreign policy priority that guarantees stability, economic prosperity and democratic values," Minister Darmanović stressed.

Head of the Montenegrin diplomacy also participated in the Ministerial Conference of the Western Balkans Fund (WBF).

At the conference, the ministers exchanged views on the work so far, focusing on the project activity and the financial framework for the functioning of the fund.

n his address, Minister Darmanović stressed that Montenegro is strongly committed to promoting regional cooperation and strengthening good neighbuorly relations, and that it is very important for the countries of the Western Balkans to recognise cooperation, solidarity and better interconnection as mechanisms for establishing long-lasting regional stability, progress and prosperity. He is hopeful that the Western Balkans Fund will continue to be a positive example of cooperation and a place for open discussion and building strong partnerships.

"We believe that the six countries will provide clear guidelines for the work of the Secretariat, thus ensuring the implementation of adopted standards and full implementation of project-oriented activities. This way, we will continue to fulfill the mission of the Fund, which is reflected in the development of closer cooperation between the countries of the Western Balkans and facilitating the integrative process of projects in the areas of cultural cooperation, scientific exchange, research, education, sustainable development and youth issues," said Minister Darmanović.

At today's meeting, WBF foreign ministers adopted a joint statement calling for, inter alia, the European Union to consider the possibility of including WBF as a relevant partner in the implementation of the Six new flagship initiatives to support the transformation of the Western Balkans.