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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro Srdjan Darmanovic received Ambassador of the Republic of Albania to Montenegro Ernal Filo

Published date: 22.12.2016 13:00 | Author: MVP

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, Prof Srdjan Darmanovic, received the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania to Montenegro, Ernal Filo.

Ambassador Filo congratulated Minister Darmanovic on his appointment, adding that the friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries are an example of good neighbourly relations in the region. He also conveyed readiness of the Albanian Government to continue working on further promotion of the overall relations, with particular emphasis on areas where there is potential for further improvement of cooperation.

Minister Darmanovic expressed gratitude for the continued support and concrete assistance that Albania provides to Montenegro in the context of Euro-Atlantic integration, recalling that Albania was among the first countries to ratify Montenegro’s Accession Protocol.

They agreed that Minister Darmanović's upcoming visit to Tirana in mid-January the following year would give an additional impulse for strengthening the overall cooperation between the two countries.