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Montenegro’s chairmanship of the MARRI – Project for establishing regional database for rare languages interpreters

Montenegro’s chairmanship of the MARRI – Project for establishing regional database for rare languages interpreters
Published date: 04.09.2015 13:40 | Author: MVPEI

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Regional workshop within the project entitled Improving procedures for identifying illegal migrants in the MARRI region, financed by the UK Government, took place in Skopje on 3-4 September 2015 at the MARRI Regional Centre.

This is the first of the four workshops that would take place during Montenegro’s chairmanship of the Migration, Asylum, and Refugees Regional Initiative (MARRI). Participants came from the ministries of the interior of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

The project was devised due to the requirements of the countries in the region to establish a shared database of rare languages interpreters and to develop and adopt a regional legal framework for sharing translation and interpretation capacities and establish procedures for identifying illegal migrants.

Director of the MARRI RC Ambassador Tamara Mugoša said that MARRI will remain part of the overall efforts aimed at solving security challenges, and noted that its ambition is to boost pro-active approach and participation in regional process such as the SEECP and the Berlin Process.

“Shared use of established resources that are lacking in all states individually will contribute to national capacities in the area of migration, and at the same time it will strengthen regional cooperation by producing synergy with the view to pursuing the strategic objective of the region defined in the stabilisation and association process and EU membership,” Ms Mugoša has noted.

On behalf of the donors, the participants were addressed by UK Ambassador in Macedonia Charles Garrett, noting his hope that the UK Government will contribute to strengthening the strategic and operational capacities of MARRI countries by providing support to their project activities. He said that illegal migration is a growing security threat to the Western Balkans, and added that a unified approach to this issue and regional and international cooperation this area will contribute to reducing criminal activity arising in this context. He was hopeful that the access to a regional database of translators and interpreters will significantly improve the process of identifying migrants, not just in the context of managing migration but also improving the protection of migrants.